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Help Us Find These "Missing" Hall of Famers!

The Westerville Alumni Association is updating its contact information for members of the Westerville North and Westerville South Halls of Fame. Though we may have your names, we want to make sure we have your most recent contact information as well. If you appear on the list below, please send us your mailing address (complete with city, state and zip), telephone number (optional) and e-mail address to: webmaster@westervillealumni.org


Name, Class of, School

Arthur Stovall,1986,WNHS

Bob Jacoby,1975,WSHS

Bob Kennedy,1988,WNHS

Brent Axline,1986,WNHS

Brian Bruce,1984,WNHS

Brian Simmons,1997,WNHS

Cathy McKenzie Gongwer,1979,WNHS

Christopher Domanik,1988,WNHS

Cynthia Carroll Barno,1984,WNHS

Cynthia Kramer Grovatt,1977,WNHS

Dan O’Brien,1972,WSHS

David  Roberts,1985,WNHS

David Blackburn,1994,WNHS

Donna Morris Bass,1981,WNHS

Doug Dietz,1980,WSHS

Douglas Davidson,1988,WNHS

Carl Knopf,1970,WSHS

Don W. Miller,1960,WSHS

Fred Martinelli,1947,WSHS

Mark Grimsley,1977,WSHS

Edwin L. Billman,1954,WSHS

Elliott Horch,1981,WNHS

J. Patrick Rogers,1982,WNHS

Jill Stemen Tangeman,1989,WNHS

Jim  Davidson,1984,WNHS

Jonathan Hunter,1981,WNHS

Judge Robert Puglia,1947,WSHS

K. C. Melnik Moss,1994,WNHS

Kelly Castle,1979,WNHS

Kevin Hallberg,1983,WSHS

Laura Plummer,1981,WNHS

Laurie Siegel Baker,1978,WNHS

Leonard Day,1949,WSHS

Lisa Lee Pickens,1978,WNHS

Lisa Sadler,1976,WSHS

Lois Bierley Walker,1967,WSHS

Lt. Colonel David Beougher,1986,WSHS

Lt. Thomas Jones,1989,WSHS

Major Randal Engberg,1983,WSHS

Mary Croce Donaldson,1983,WNHS

Michael Haugen,1995,WNHS

Michael Rosati,1971,WSHS

Mindy Drayer,1986,WNHS

Nancy Jean Smith,1968,WSHS

ParisDean Smith-Higbie,1984,WSHS
Patrick Engle,1988,WNHS

Randall Bailey,1974,WSHS

Randy Allen,1985,WSHS

Ron Meyer,1959,WSHS

Sarah McMillen,1977,WSHS

Shannon Trusley,1988,WNHS

Thomas Bernardo,1982,WNHS

Tina Foco Burtch,1977,WNHS

Woodrow William Hudson,1982,WNHS


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